Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sigridur {4 Months}, Hildur {2}, Johanna {10} and Family

This family traveled all the way from Iceland to have me take their photos!  Just kidding - they were coming to visit friends and decided to have me do their photos during their trip ;)  It was so fun to meet them!!  We had a great time at the gardens, enjoying the rare sunshine these days.  These three girls were just so sweet and Sigridur was super smiley, showing off her dimples!!

 photo IMG_4048_zpsd8819b38.jpg  photo IMG_4090_zpscae74037.jpg  photo IMG_4117_zpse0b5008b.jpg  photo IMG_4132_zpsb5fa2a20.jpg  photo IMG_4160_zps6b24f623.jpg  photo IMG_4163_zps143f69c4.jpg  photo IMG_4178BW_zps2d1f6259.jpg  photo IMG_4192_zps3232c039.jpg  photo IMG_4220_zps2dfb6bcd.jpg  photo IMG_4228_zps8bd1c523.jpg  photo IMG_4243_zps12575b1e.jpg  photo IMG_4264BW_zps2989ce52.jpg  photo IMG_4285BW_zps3c7f74e9.jpg  photo IMG_4296_zps2b1f7320.jpg  photo IMG_4318_zps06abd265.jpg  photo IMG_4327_zps0f5ce095.jpg  photo IMG_4330BW_zps327e11cd.jpg  photo IMG_4343_zpsc5dbb00a.jpg  photo IMG_4390_zps79bc73fc.jpg  photo IMG_4418_zpscf2f0202.jpg  photo IMG_4446_zpsef96ee94.jpg  photo IMG_4460_zps8b5c529b.jpg  photo IMG_4471BW_zps762c4fd8.jpg  photo IMG_4480_zps4f9f176f.jpg  photo IMG_4500_zpseedbfedc.jpg  photo IMG_4513_zps532491d8.jpg  photo IMG_4532_zps22914da3.jpg

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Charlotte {One Year!} - Cake Smash MINI

It's been so fun watching this little beauty grow up during the past year!  I cannot believe she's already one.  She came to my house for a cake smash and she had some fun.  She has a ton of personality as you can see below and is such a joy to be around.  You will see Charlotte and her parents again in May and I'm so glad to be able to see them again before we move!

 photo IMG_3866_zpsb964b52e.jpg  photo IMG_3876_zps0c416544.jpg  photo IMG_3891_zps887071f2.jpg  photo IMG_3899BW_zpsdc4b6e00.jpg  photo IMG_3902_zpse56b6c08.jpg  photo IMG_3924_zps3286d030.jpg  photo IMG_3927_zps7842ac17.jpg  photo IMG_3937_zps89477cfd.jpg  photo IMG_3948BW_zps7ddb2c6a.jpg  photo IMG_3949_zps783b923d.jpg  photo IMG_3960_zpse498dbfa.jpg  photo IMG_3986_zpsaa2301e2.jpg  photo IMG_4002BW_zps469b4b10.jpg

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Walter {1}, Richard {3} and Family

These are seriously the cutest boys ever.  I met Richard (who just had his 3rd birthday) when he turned one and now his little brother just had his first birthday and they look so much alike!  Walter did a cake smash but didn't quite smash it - well he didn't really do much with it, haha, but we got a few cute shots of him with the cake.  We headed outside and got plenty more, having fun on a beautiful spring evening.  You guys are an awesome family and I am so bummed that I will not continue to take yearly photos for you.  Happy Birthday, Walter and Richard!!!

 photo IMG_3268_zps964b9b4c.jpg  photo IMG_3271_zpsd6c8db84.jpg  photo IMG_3303BW_zps2a187526.jpg  photo IMG_3318BW_zps0935e01f.jpg  photo IMG_3342_zps38e36b89.jpg  photo IMG_3367_zps8b2a07a9.jpg  photo IMG_3396BW_zpsf2d043c6.jpg  photo IMG_3417_zps5b8e0dc5.jpg  photo IMG_3426_zps5247bf48.jpg  photo IMG_3461_zps77bb4d8b.jpg  photo IMG_3490BW_zps570992a7.jpg  photo IMG_3501_zps407b1df9.jpg  photo IMG_3546_zps0eff9101.jpg  photo IMG_3551_zps26670fec.jpg  photo IMG_3572_zps7a73de7b.jpg  photo IMG_3579_zpsc5b7b1c2.jpg  photo IMG_3619_zps53a0bd2f.jpg  photo IMG_3634_zpsf01dc739.jpg  photo IMG_3659_zps8899171c.jpg  photo IMG_3672_zps457ae44f.jpg  photo IMG_3692_zps571fc936.jpg  photo IMG_3714BW_zpsfc436554.jpg  photo IMG_3721_zps10514daf.jpg  photo IMG_3727_zpsf8945ff4.jpg  photo IMG_3744_zps31f21d0f.jpg  photo IMG_3749_zpsf0d2952a.jpg  photo IMG_3767BW_zpsb90ca26d.jpg  photo IMG_3776_zps38733280.jpg  photo IMG_3779_zps2fc59595.jpg  photo IMG_3797_zps33e615fa.jpg  photo IMG_3806_zps7239af26.jpg  photo IMG_3817_zpsa30bac5c.jpg  photo IMG_3838_zps1b333539.jpg

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