Monday, April 14, 2014

Henry {18 Months Old} - MINI Session

I had a blast with cute little Henry!  It was just a quick shoot which is perfect for this age, but I think he could have lasted much longer.  I am sure part of it was because of the undivided attention he got that night as he has 4 older siblings at home (triplet 5-year-olds and a 3-year-old), so you can imagine it's probably rare that he gets to go and do something alone with his mommy.  It was so awesome to see you guys again!!!

 photo IMG_2537_zpsf569fd87.jpg  photo IMG_2551_zpsb2b58f34.jpg  photo IMG_2559_zps20e4bd53.jpg  photo IMG_2561BW_zps76f66448.jpg  photo IMG_2563_zpsf8fecc80.jpg  photo IMG_2583_zps9dc27a6d.jpg  photo IMG_2588_zps20c6bb34.jpg  photo IMG_2604_zpsedc9a635.jpg  photo IMG_2594_zps2cc23d8c.jpg  photo IMG_2658_zpsc5bcdd1b.jpg  photo IMG_2654_zpsfc771986.jpg  photo IMG_2647_zps9f3b07d6.jpg  photo IMG_2637_zpsaed47094.jpg  photo IMG_2628_zpsc92dfe71.jpg  photo IMG_2625_zpsc9c37802.jpg

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