Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Gauransh {12 Days Old} and Family

This little baby boy was just the cutest little thing - he is his parents' first child and they just seemed so excited about him.  They had family in from the East Coast as well as from India to meet and welcome him into their family. He is blessed with a cousin who is only 3 months older than him - getting a photo of them both looking at me was nearly impossible though! It was so fun meeting you all and congratulations again on such a perfect little guy!

 photo IMG_1835_zps0d923f42.jpg  photo IMG_1869_zpsaba36f93.jpg  photo IMG_1931BW_zps3d8fde4c.jpg  photo IMG_1982_zps6d70b053.jpg  photo IMG_1990BW_zps9419d83e.jpg  photo IMG_2005_zpsa076a87a.jpg  photo IMG_2030BW_zps7e700cc5.jpg  photo IMG_2032_zps7017607a.jpg  photo IMG_2035BW_zps6444d311.jpg  photo IMG_2041_zps8978cdb3.jpg  photo IMG_2045_zps51de8dde.jpg  photo IMG_2062_zpsb6f75f78.jpg  photo IMG_2068-2_zpsc32574d7.jpg

 photo IMG_2089BW_zpsafb6aae5.jpg  photo IMG_2093_zps66217264.jpg  photo IMG_2099_zps1ad3e9eb.jpg  photo IMG_2150BW_zpse63c8e0a.jpg  photo IMG_2158_zps363125af.jpg  photo IMG_2163_zps6229c1aa.jpg  photo IMG_2177_zps8c5ad352.jpg  photo IMG_2190BW_zps09cafdab.jpg  photo IMG_2211_zps1eb297f5.jpg  photo IMG_2215BW_zps402281b1.jpg  photo IMG_2226BW_zpsaf8190ac.jpg  photo IMG_2228_zps27a45600.jpg  photo IMG_2239BW_zps45ea5b1d.jpg  photo IMG_2252BW_zpsfb99d844.jpg  photo IMG_2257_zps570faec6.jpg  photo IMG_2278_zps7209d7a0.jpg  photo IMG_2284_zps1680f403.jpg

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  1. How beautiful to see the family dressed in their cultural attire. I love those sweet proud grandparents. I love babies!


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