Monday, April 7, 2014

Emma {3} and Family

I have known this amazing family since Emma was just a few weeks old and I have just loved them.  We have played while our husbands work, the mom and I have gone to many Girls Night Outs, and I have done several photo shoots for them.  The parents are some of the nicest people I have ever met and Emma is a spunky and beautiful little girl.  This is their last few months in Ann Arbor too and then they are off to the East Coast.  I will miss you guys so much!!

I made a special video slideshow for this family if you want to view it here.  They were unaware that I was shooting photos and video during the shoot but I am sure they found it kind of odd that there were great moments happening without my shutter clicking ;)

 photo IMG_1246_zps77844470.jpg  photo IMG_1253_zps94d6a094.jpg  photo IMG_1263_zpsc141e2be.jpg  photo IMG_1280_zps6478f3fc.jpg  photo IMG_1285BW_zps689a6deb.jpg  photo IMG_1303_zps8cbae031.jpg  photo IMG_1303BW_zps96cc08ed.jpg  photo IMG_1327_zpsf8c5ded7.jpg  photo IMG_1342BW_zpsda5d4a94.jpg  photo IMG_1360_zpse7a2ad99.jpg  photo IMG_1381_zps72ef446c.jpg  photo IMG_1424BW_zpsba1fa5f1.jpg  photo IMG_1460_zps23239239.jpg  photo IMG_1487BW_zps28c1c367.jpg  photo IMG_1503_zpsc8a39e1f.jpg  photo IMG_1516_zps50085c2a.jpg  photo IMG_1517BW_zpscb8e4348.jpg  photo IMG_1551BW_zpsea7ba928.jpg  photo IMG_1555_zpsccd9b8c1.jpg  photo IMG_1565_zpsded9e82f.jpg  photo IMG_1586_zps19ed96ae.jpg  photo IMG_1594BW_zps56b2cd70.jpg  photo IMG_1629_zps1ec7b2da.jpg  photo IMG_1634BW_zps3c22d56f.jpg  photo IMG_1648_zpsb849ae9f.jpg  photo IMG_1655_zps9c9dc1d6.jpg  photo IMG_1680BW_zps0c0bd4d1.jpg  photo IMG_1719_zps2ae5ecd6.jpg  photo IMG_1747_zps2287d259.jpg  photo IMG_1750_zps01a4d093.jpg  photo IMG_1779_zps86f85dea.jpg  photo IMG_1798BW_zps26b96d8e.jpg  photo IMG_1810_zps665b7cbe.jpg

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  1. What a unique way to remember their home before moving! The parents have memories of their home & now their daughter will have pictures to remember her first home!


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