Saturday, April 5, 2014

Reena {6 Months}, Maya {2} and Family

It has been SIX months since baby Reena's newborn shoot and I really, honestly can't believe it!  She is as cute as a button and so is her big sister, Maya.  I met them at their beautiful new home and had fun taking a look around ;)  This is the third session I have done for this family and I am truly going to miss them when we move - so fun to be around and just too darn cute.

 photo IMG_0722_zps1f1d7dec.jpg  photo IMG_0729_zps719105e6.jpg  photo IMG_0739_zpsf6fe3eb5.jpg  photo IMG_0768_zpse0e87ed8.jpg  photo IMG_0787_zpsd50691cf.jpg  photo IMG_0798_zps07fcd046.jpg  photo IMG_0814_zps485671a7.jpg  photo IMG_0831BW_zpsa41720d8.jpg  photo IMG_0845_zps22e94934.jpg  photo IMG_0854_zpsa32b1f5b.jpg  photo IMG_0881_zpse32d4457.jpg  photo IMG_0888BW_zps2d94f183.jpg  photo IMG_0909_zpsdda67a6c.jpg  photo IMG_0916_zps62b72d7c.jpg  photo IMG_0921_zps791a4330.jpg  photo IMG_0932_zps84dc8947.jpg  photo IMG_0959_zps922cf657.jpg  photo IMG_0977BW_zps34571e61.jpg  photo IMG_0995_zps4647c7c0.jpg  photo IMG_1061_zps6edcf091.jpg 
This is Maya's favorite doll and her mom said when she holds it is the only time she sucks her thumb. SO CUTE.
 photo IMG_1066BW_zpsb9c06ad5.jpg  photo IMG_1073_zpsb6b23c37.jpg  photo IMG_1125_zps2461e520.jpg  photo IMG_1146_zps63451a9b.jpg  photo IMG_1160_zps250dcfa7.jpg  photo IMG_1167_zpsdc603e7a.jpg  photo IMG_1169_zpsd7764ea8.jpg  photo IMG_1174_zpse741ed67.jpg  photo IMG_1199BW_zps5cfae895.jpg  photo IMG_1203_zpseded7943.jpg

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