Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Claire {11 Days Old}, Ryder {2} and Family

Another beautiful newborn baby!  Claire was delightful and this family is so great too.  Ryder was a little unsure about taking photos with his sister, but he let me get a few!  This family didn't know if they were having a boy or girl so it was fun waiting for the email with the news.  They, of course, would have been happy with either, but are thrilled with some pink joining their lives.  I am so happy for you guys - congratulations again on one more perfect child!

 photo IMG_2949_zps1e90712a.jpg  photo IMG_2962_zps4f36c11d.jpg  photo IMG_2974BW_zps9cc6988f.jpg  photo IMG_2985BW_zps2f88858b.jpg  photo IMG_2995_zps00986dad.jpg  photo IMG_3009_zpsb125a0a8.jpg  photo IMG_3016BW_zpsc25cb2c9.jpg  photo IMG_3020_zps7e41198b.jpg  photo IMG_3065BW_zps867d925c.jpg  photo IMG_3073_zpsffed6fbc.jpg  photo IMG_3092_zps815aa8b7.jpg  photo IMG_3114_zps5f2a207a.jpg  photo IMG_3124BW_zpsfca3e0ba.jpg  photo IMG_3134_zpsc3383349.jpg  photo IMG_3154_zps89ca37ef.jpg  photo IMG_3156BW_zpseb2f7fbe.jpg  photo IMG_3160_zps5d749215.jpg  photo IMG_3181BW_zpsbfc90077.jpg  photo ClaireCollage_zpsca0a3ce2.jpg
 photo IMG_2681BW_zpsca588343.jpg  photo IMG_2692_zps73500ae4.jpg  photo IMG_2730_zps3befa672.jpg  photo IMG_2762_zps9a9080c2.jpg  photo IMG_2780BW_zps9f22c2ba.jpg  photo IMG_2841BW_zps71ddeb4a.jpg  photo IMG_2849_zps36ce4609.jpg  photo IMG_2865BW_zps1968da34.jpg  photo IMG_2871_zpsa3543d75.jpg  photo IMG_2903BW_zps9aaf61fd.jpg  photo IMG_2941_zps9295f900.jpg  photo IMG_2945BW_zpsaf8468a0.jpg

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