Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hugo {8 Days Old}, Clementine {4}, Elliot {7} and Family

Oh Hugo...he really could not have been cuter or more fun to photograph.  This little guy is in for a fun life - his older sister and brother are full of personality and will be sure to be a constant source of entertainment for him as he grows.  They adore their new brother so much and I think Hugo looks just like both of them!  Hugo's mom is the amazingly talented owner of Made By Rae (and a bit of a celebrity in the sewing world!) and several items worn by her children and used in the shoot were made by her.  Really though, I completely enjoyed my time with this awesome family.  Congratulations again on your perfect baby boy!!

 photo IMG_0319_zps681ceb09.jpg  photo IMG_0326_zps6fb7b997.jpg  photo IMG_0368_zpsbd2b154a.jpg  photo IMG_0380BW_zpse38da6f0.jpg  photo IMG_0385_zps1f7de9a0.jpg  photo IMG_0400_zps5a60c476.jpg  photo IMG_0409_zpse94a72fe.jpg  photo IMG_0431_zpsafb810bc.jpg  photo IMG_0441_zps18a380ae.jpg  photo IMG_0458_zps713bb8f9.jpg  photo IMG_0462BW_zps03229ec9.jpg  photo IMG_0471BW_zps38e19c66.jpg  photo IMG_0486_zpseacb320f.jpg  photo IMG_0490_zpsd10b543f.jpg  photo IMG_0496BW_zpsb0be59fa.jpg  photo IMG_0527_zps04b88968.jpg
 photo IMG_0558_zps59727f7f.jpg  photo IMG_0583_zps2d8574dd.jpg  photo IMG_0599BW_zpsb1421b08.jpg 
 photo IMG_0606_zps1228efc9.jpg  photo IMG_0610_zps4d1625b8.jpg  photo IMG_0615BW_zps4eab64d5.jpg  photo IMG_0622_zpsd81acdd4.jpg
 photo IMG_0122_zps6bd26566.jpg  photo IMG_0180BW_zps285c1953.jpg  photo IMG_0233_zpsabddeee1.jpg
 photo IMG_0246_zpsf41aaa5a.jpg  photo IMG_0284BW_zps01adf187.jpg  photo IMG_0293_zps57940a1c.jpg  photo IMG_0651_zps0c593967.jpg  photo IMG_0659BW_zps4277688e.jpg  photo IMG_0671BW_zps423b631e.jpg  photo IMG_0676BW_zpsb3b8efee.jpg  photo IMG_0687_zpsd31ea0bf.jpg  photo IMG_0702_zps42fde995.jpg  photo IMG_0706BW_zpsdba21007.jpg


  1. I LOVE the pictures of baby Hugo. Time has flown so fast. I have been following Rae since Clement was a baby. Now precious Elliott & Clementine are proud big brother & sister. I can't wait for more pictures of these precious children!

  2. They are ALL so cute! The WHOLE family! Beautiful family.

  3. Gorgeous photos and a gorgeous, loving family. thank you for allowing all of us to have a peak!

  4. nice work! what a lovely family indeed!


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