Monday, March 31, 2014

Meredith {8 Days Old}

Ahhh, this little girl was such a sweetheart and so so cute.  She is the first child of this beautiful family and, although obviously tired, her parents are so in love with her.  It was so great to meet you guys - enjoy the baby snuggles!!!

 photo IMG_9672_zps08ffbb8a.jpg  photo IMG_9675_zps6eb9d0cc.jpg  photo IMG_9720_zpsa1dd399b.jpg  photo IMG_9722_zpsceadb0ea.jpg  photo IMG_9740_zps93185473.jpg  photo IMG_9753_zps5d8bdbf9.jpg  photo IMG_9804_zps00aa4618.jpg  photo IMG_9826_zps7d8c1ab3.jpg  photo IMG_9830_zps3369ba73.jpg  photo IMG_9836_zps7e30c738.jpg  photo IMG_9841_zps24aed4c7.jpg  photo IMG_9870BW_zpsdcdcb812.jpg  photo IMG_9874_zps4a72de61.jpg  photo IMG_9886BW_zpsafaa5eb3.jpg  photo IMG_9894_zps1a4c4458.jpg  photo IMG_9907BW_zpsff84f9c5.jpg  photo IMG_9943_zpsf8585da6.jpg  photo IMG_9955_zpsc5fc3c89.jpg  photo IMG_9963_zps9b4de8b2.jpg  photo IMG_9971BW_zpsed6f153d.jpg  photo IMG_9976_zps108f8caa.jpg  photo IMG_9998BW_zps390b6222.jpg  photo IMG_0012_zps2df2b2be.jpg  photo IMG_0041_zps58391daa.jpg  photo IMG_0050_zpsd3a3ac78.jpg  photo IMG_0067BW_zpscb899082.jpg

 photo IMG_9597BW_zps50d62470.jpg  photo IMG_9630BW_zps501c0e80.jpg

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