Monday, March 10, 2014

Leah {15 Months} - MINI Session

This adorable little curly-haired girl is just the sweetest little thing.  I had a lot of fun following her around the indoor gardens and she just did so well.  So happy to have met you guys and it makes me sad that we are moving away and not able to see you again!

 photo IMG_9544_zps7e4b360b.jpg  photo IMG_9547BW_zps70480fc2.jpg  photo IMG_9553_zpsa5ac4407.jpg  photo IMG_9561_zps2b61a209.jpg  photo IMG_9588_zpscd36e5a7.jpg  photo IMG_9590_zps9be4cf11.jpg  photo IMG_9599BW_zpscc69b8d7.jpg  photo IMG_9604_zps6a1cdff5.jpg  photo IMG_9628_zps61f344d7.jpg  photo IMG_9634_zps83f989d4.jpg  photo IMG_9646_zps59c4ee5b.jpg

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