Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Aida {10 Days Old}, Owen {4}, Ellie {3} and Family

I have really loved getting to know this family and was so excited when they asked me to do their newest little girl's newborn shoot.  Aida is a gorgeous baby and she has two adorable older siblings to keep her entertained.  Aida doesn't like to miss much already!  She made me work hard, but we did get some great shots and I was so very impressed with the sibling shots - just awesome.  I am so very happy for your family - you are so blessed.

 photo IMG_0435_zps2d922504.jpg  photo IMG_0440_zps285553f7.jpg  photo IMG_0446_zps1486a984.jpg  photo IMG_0457_zps3343896e.jpg  photo IMG_0459_zps66ba252d.jpg  photo IMG_0466BW_zps549f37db.jpg  photo IMG_0470_zpsb412fc65.jpg  photo IMG_0473_zps7805ce56.jpg  photo IMG_0476BW_zps51139654.jpg
 photo IMG_0485BW_zps176a0625.jpg  photo IMG_0489_zpsae868257.jpg  photo IMG_0508BW_zps1bceced0.jpg  photo IMG_0507_zps1b9061ba.jpg  photo IMG_0523_zpse6d0cddd.jpg  photo IMG_0530_zps2a1f2680.jpg

 photo IMG_0194_zps9041c55c.jpg  photo IMG_0209_zps3c57bcfe.jpg  photo IMG_0212_zps27aa68e5.jpg  photo IMG_0236BW_zps8f82a47e.jpg  photo IMG_0244_zps4776851a.jpg  photo IMG_0264_zps10614a49.jpg  photo IMG_0285_zps756de830.jpg  photo IMG_0319_zps373012ed.jpg  photo IMG_0346_zps63195d23.jpg  photo IMG_0355BW_zps1eed2955.jpg  photo IMG_0358_zps95ca84e4.jpg  photo IMG_0396_zps92698c5b.jpg  photo IMG_0407BW_zpsa681cde5.jpg  photo IMG_0414BW_zpsf74ba717.jpg

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