Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Charlotte {2} and Family

Oh this little girl was just so delightful and adorable.  We spent some time outside on a chilly, but nice evening and she didn't mind one bit.  In fact, her parents said she is usually not very smiley around new people, but she was all smiles for me!  We hung around Kerrytown in Ann Arbor, went inside for a bit midway to warm up, and then went out to play with some snow.  Charlotte is so very loved by her mom and dad and she is going to be blessed with a little baby brother or sister in several months!  It was so awesome to meet you guys!!!

 photo IMG_9677_zpsf1b74f7f.jpg  photo IMG_9685BW_zps98065f98.jpg  photo IMG_9700_zps0b30bc55.jpg  photo IMG_9703_zps9f928e9c.jpg  photo IMG_9721_zps4001933f.jpg  photo IMG_9728_zps82aab241.jpg  photo IMG_9730BW_zps77f900d6.jpg  photo IMG_9741_zpsb2368e45.jpg  photo IMG_9756_zpse53aa1fa.jpg  photo IMG_9760_zps3ffc2746.jpg  photo IMG_9763BW_zps88613bb6.jpg  photo IMG_9773_zps8751f31d.jpg  photo IMG_9781_zps3fa45b31.jpg  photo IMG_9793_zps66fa077f.jpg  photo IMG_9806_zpsaed7a8f6.jpg  photo IMG_9822_zpsc07530b6.jpg  photo IMG_9833_zpse9be507a.jpg  photo IMG_9847BW_zps6ebf705f.jpg  photo IMG_9849_zps3db6f8b7.jpg  photo IMG_9853BW_zps4837aa09.jpg  photo IMG_9875_zps529ff99e.jpg  photo IMG_9882_zps5dffa271.jpg  photo IMG_9915_zps5d08fb7a.jpg  photo IMG_9919_zpsc60ac524.jpg  photo IMG_9925_zps4c75bb01.jpg  photo IMG_9936BW_zps86c3e0ec.jpg  photo IMG_9940_zps543cd2a0.jpg  photo IMG_9956_zps0d91286b.jpg  photo IMG_9963_zps354e1c4c.jpg


  1. ADORABLE!!! Love the black and white one of her looking off to the left!

  2. I just love all of them. Thank you so much!!


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