Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bode {3}!!

This adorable little man is our middle son, Bode.  He just turned THREE this past Friday and I really cannot believe it.  Although, yes, he has absolutely shown us that the "terrible twos" do exist, he ALWAYS makes up for it moments later with his sweet little voice, spunky personality, and his silly faces and dancing.  It also helps that he is the only snuggler out of the three boys and he has absolutely adored his baby brother since the moment we brought him home from the hospital. Seriously though...this kid is amazing and I cannot wait to see how he continues to grow and mature!  I love you more than words, little Boders!

 photo IMG_0004_zpsa3d51507.jpg 
He has recently become obsessed with the color blue - he picked out his pants at Baby Gap and I had planned to just bring with the grey hat below, but he insisted that we bring the blue hat instead - I was pretty impressed with how awesome his addition was.
 photo IMG_0002_zpsf83f8f23.jpg  photo IMG_9994BW_zps2e72f7fb.jpg  photo IMG_9990_zps678ef1c4.jpg  photo IMG_9983BW_zpsbb4207f4.jpg
 photo IMG_9982_zpsefd763b7.jpg  photo IMG_9973_zps3b7c6a9f.jpg  photo IMG_9969_zpsb96832f0.jpg
 photo IMG_0007_zpsecd29912.jpg
Okay, so the photo above makes me laugh out loud - it was a chilly evening and pretty windy and I took off his coat for a couple shots - this is the face he gave me the whole time!  He was shivering...poor kid, so I put his coat right back on.  Hilarious though.
 photo IMG_0063BW_zps921c2993.jpg  photo IMG_0057BW_zps3e86eda4.jpg  photo IMG_0044_zps3b0c9014.jpg  photo IMG_0019_zpsca28ec89.jpg
 photo IMG_0107_zpscde0f348.jpg  photo IMG_0104BW_zpsaa783d1f.jpg  photo IMG_0086_zps5c9f1202.jpg  photo IMG_0083BW_zps5e0ee310.jpg  photo IMG_0082BW_zpseb8cb231.jpg  photo IMG_0076_zps65c0c155.jpg
 photo IMG_0136_zps8c5abb06.jpg 
Have you noticed a theme when I shoot my own kids?!  EVERY shoot they have suckers - and they expect them now...it's the ONLY way to get them to kind of stay around me and not run away.
 photo IMG_0129BW_zps61644d40.jpg  photo IMG_0127_zpsde4b68f9.jpg  photo IMG_0111_zps170110ec.jpg
 photo IMG_0186_zps363715d2.jpg 
This is completely Bode.
 photo IMG_0185_zpscb4474a4.jpg  photo IMG_0180_zps9b22ffe3.jpg  photo IMG_0178_zpse3db05a7.jpg  photo IMG_0173_zps8906a567.jpg  photo IMG_0172BW_zps0c248917.jpg  photo IMG_0170_zpsb54408da.jpg

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