Monday, May 4, 2015

Finley {6 Months} and Family

Oh this little doll...seriously she is so adorable and so very loved.  Feels like only a few weeks ago I did her newborn session and she is already 6 months old!  I have really enjoyed getting to know her parents even better during shoots and so glad Finley did so well for this session - she was battling a double ear infection, so the odds were against us!  Anyone who knows this family knows how great they are and how lucky they feel to have little Finley.  Happy Half Birthday, sweet girl!!

 photo IMG_6334_zpsuw6f9lb7.jpg  photo IMG_6353FB_zpsvsqsd6iw.jpg  photo IMG_6143_zpso1r16mqw.jpg  photo IMG_6148_zpshfxdkgob.jpg  photo IMG_6162_zpslstzufns.jpg  photo IMG_6188BW_zps0qihebpl.jpg  photo IMG_6190_zpsvaxluqah.jpg  photo IMG_6197_zpscfo6zipz.jpg  photo IMG_6205_zpsuh6ts0bg.jpg  photo IMG_6215BW_zpshzt6oorl.jpg  photo IMG_6233_zps8weid5sv.jpg  photo IMG_6247_zps7k6a6gcw.jpg  photo IMG_6270_zpsj29xgbls.jpg  photo IMG_6279BW_zps1amtunwa.jpg  photo IMG_6295_zps9ojoheof.jpg  photo IMG_6297_zpsl4o5pj35.jpg  photo IMG_6311_zpsxr6uddks.jpg  photo IMG_6371_zpswjgs8p8q.jpg  photo IMG_6382_zpsqs2owo4g.jpg  photo IMG_6400_zpsbue7kis8.jpg  photo IMG_6405_zpseaq31adq.jpg  photo IMG_6421_zpswpziwaqx.jpg  photo IMG_6425_zpsacnxrixn.jpg  photo IMG_6438_zpsjyff9rxz.jpg  photo IMG_6454_zpsbpa5jlxz.jpg  photo IMG_6464_zpskbv34ggj.jpg  photo IMG_6497_zpsw0pr7noi.jpg  photo IMG_6508_zpsovzn1mxh.jpg  photo IMG_6537_zpsnvy6ldo2.jpg  photo IMG_6563_zpsuhpkutlc.jpg  photo IMG_6580_zpsyjjzajwf.jpg  photo IMG_6596BW_zpsxeo2kswf.jpg

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