Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Emilia {18 Months}, Karl {7}, Kristin {10}

Oh I just LOVE photographing these siblings!  Could they be any cuter?!  We got eaten by bugs again this year, but they were troopers.  Kristin and Karl are such great siblings to their baby sister and they all just adore each other.  We did snap a few shots of the kids with their parents, but the main focus was the children.  Thanks again, guys, for allowing me to help you remember your children at these ages!

 photo IMG_9487_zpsc6a38725.jpg  photo IMG_9506_zpse2862188.jpg  photo IMG_9540_zps4c56cf4b.jpg  photo IMG_9543_zpsa1dad3da.jpg  photo IMG_9554_zpsb523bd49.jpg  photo IMG_9586_zpsf24d82a5.jpg  photo IMG_9602_zps7bf7c588.jpg  photo IMG_9605_zps1d0ffcba.jpg  photo IMG_9610_zpsae8bbc97.jpg  photo IMG_9628BW_zpsb8c5ddea.jpg  photo IMG_9633BW_zpsadf2fd94.jpg  photo IMG_9641_zps5eddf770.jpg  photo IMG_9653_zps45d503ee.jpg  photo IMG_9663_zps473beab2.jpg  photo IMG_9688_zps8218b855.jpg  photo IMG_9697_zps493d5108.jpg  photo IMG_9734_zps0292440d.jpg  photo IMG_9751_zps2424cb85.jpg  photo IMG_9771_zps8197291b.jpg  photo IMG_9781_zpsa2a5aa30.jpg  photo IMG_9790_zpsd1994741.jpg  photo IMG_9831BW_zps155cfcfc.jpg

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