Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Paul {1} and Family (and Cake Smash!)

I met this adorable little guy and his parents at the gardens on a beautiful morning.  He was such a sweet boy and was full of smiles.  We ended with a cake smash and by that time, he was definitely ready for a nap.  Although he wasn't very into his cake, he still managed to make a mess and we got some cute photos.  It was great meeting you guys and Happy Birthday Paul!!!

 photo IMG_0365_zpsfd88b9d0.jpg  photo IMG_0380_zps636de6e2.jpg  photo IMG_0406_zpsad177995.jpg  photo IMG_0413BW_zpsd108d53d.jpg  photo IMG_0427_zpsea0b82b2.jpg  photo IMG_0448_zpsae8c21c0.jpg  photo IMG_0468_zps5ce11914.jpg  photo IMG_0494_zpsd34fdfdd.jpg
 photo IMG_0522_zpsd56cef24.jpg  photo IMG_0547_zpscb26eb90.jpg  photo IMG_0550_zps9994de82.jpg  photo IMG_0562_zpse325ef67.jpg  photo IMG_0575_zpsead96f1b.jpg  photo IMG_0589_zps8a2c65be.jpg  photo IMG_0604_zps58881a4c.jpg  photo IMG_0615_zpse5bdaa88.jpg  photo IMG_0648_zps51b924f3.jpg  photo IMG_0657_zps77cf18a5.jpg  photo IMG_0664_zps77364a01.jpg  photo IMG_0671_zpsaee2deac.jpg  photo IMG_0683_zps3a405a44.jpg  photo IMG_0688_zpsf51079cd.jpg  photo IMG_0693_zpse0cf17e0.jpg  photo IMG_0696_zps9985de34.jpg  photo IMG_0703_zpsa41e54af.jpg  photo IMG_0710BW_zps40440de9.jpg  photo IMG_0713_zps74878820.jpg  photo IMG_0717_zps90df130a.jpg  photo IMG_0722_zpse4c94a65.jpg

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