Thursday, September 19, 2013

Jackson {First Birthday} and Family - plus Cake Smash!

I have really really enjoyed watching little Jackson grow up this year!  He is such a joyful little boy and his parents are just wonderful people.  We enjoyed some time with balloons outside, some normal portraits, and then we moved indoors for a cake smash.  So the day before this shoot, Jackson had his first birthday party.  At that party, they gave him a smash cake.  Hilariously, Jackson didn't eat any of it and cried instead.  We weren't sure how the cake smash would go.  Well, it was very similar to his birthday experience!  He didn't really touch the cake, spit out any pieces his parents put in his mouth, and when he got his foot dirty when crawling away from the cake, he was not too thrilled about it.  We are not sure if he is afraid of cakes, doesn't like the sprinkles on the cake, doesn't like to get messy, or just doesn't like all of the pressure of a cake smash, but he is still so cute and I captured some great moments.  Silly little boy...  Happy Birthday, Jackson!!!  I am going to miss seeing you every three months!

 photo IMG_0648_zps2d836b84.jpg  photo IMG_0664_zpsaf4e6d58.jpg  photo IMG_0683_zps2b730302.jpg  photo IMG_0698_zps72f1a645.jpg  photo IMG_0715_zps212643f0.jpg  photo IMG_0719_zpsa0e27975.jpg  photo IMG_0742_zps8a4b7377.jpg  photo IMG_0752_zps0f6d31e9.jpg  photo IMG_0760_zps0b91d2cd.jpg  photo IMG_0767_zps39209bd0.jpg  photo IMG_0788BW_zps4fd9cf3b.jpg  photo IMG_0836BW_zps0310d9b6.jpg  photo IMG_0846_zpsf6cc14e2.jpg  photo IMG_0858_zpse3bd9b42.jpg  photo IMG_0861_zpsec01051f.jpg  photo IMG_0886_zps330de58f.jpg  photo IMG_0890_zps2ed2c4b2.jpg  photo IMG_0911_zps8f0c8cae.jpg  photo IMG_0916_zps8a5e7cf1.jpg  photo IMG_0939_zps10108ae3.jpg  photo IMG_0940_zpsf14aa69f.jpg  photo IMG_0943_zps1a3b70d7.jpg  photo IMG_0968_zps04b701b4.jpg  photo IMG_0974_zps7d901fe5.jpg  photo IMG_0990_zps81f67115.jpg  photo IMG_1025_zpsdae1ae2c.jpg  photo IMG_1031_zps22301641.jpg  photo IMG_1037BW_zps991b30be.jpg

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