Monday, September 30, 2013

Evan {2}, Avery {6} and Family

I have done a lot of shoots for this family - in fact, they were one of my first clients when I started up!  Both Evan and Avery just had birthdays and I cannot believe how old they are getting.  Avery has always been my favorite little girl to photograph as she is full of personality and incredibly photogenic.  Evan is also so cute although he is not at an easy age to shoot and he sure was shy this evening.  Another connection I have with this family is that we are all from North Dakota and all plan to move back next summer.  It's always great meeting someone from my home state!

 photo IMG_2462_zps2ccd59a4.jpg  photo IMG_2504_zpsfd6359c3.jpg  photo IMG_2509_zps05dd1a40.jpg  photo IMG_2537_zpse68f3d1d.jpg  photo IMG_2544_zps09aecd0c.jpg  photo IMG_2558_zps6a2362a5.jpg  photo IMG_2579_zps43572187.jpg  photo IMG_2604_zpsfd381295.jpg  photo IMG_2636_zpsdbd93038.jpg  photo IMG_2642_zps814f58a1.jpg  photo IMG_2664_zps7fd27c1d.jpg  photo IMG_2742_zpsa34905fb.jpg  photo IMG_2777_zpsac557952.jpg  photo IMG_2796_zpsbeef644c.jpg  photo IMG_2842_zps4f0d5031.jpg  photo IMG_2856_zps3e204f45.jpg  photo IMG_2865_zps3e2550dc.jpg  photo IMG_2911BW_zps94ca7cd8.jpg  photo IMG_2924BW_zps3cb6ec02.jpg  photo IMG_2950_zpse169518d.jpg  photo IMG_2969BW_zpsb2b911a0.jpg  photo IMG_2981_zpsfe67c2fb.jpg  photo IMG_2986BW_zps296d2875.jpg  photo IMG_2989_zps0e289565.jpg

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