Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lucas {7 Days Old}, Peter {3} and Family

I really enjoy spending time with this family and now I got to meet a new little boy!  I went to their home to do a "lifestyle" session (but threw in some posed shots too because I just can't imagine not doing a few of those!).  Lucas's big brother, Peter is full of energy, but anytime he got near his baby brother, he couldn't stop kissing him.  These two will have a blast together growing up!  I am so happy for you guys and really looking forward to watching Lucas grow!

 photo IMG_9908_zpscbb7c319.jpg  photo IMG_9921_zps4f64bff8.jpg  photo IMG_9937BW_zpsb42e7902.jpg  photo IMG_9956_zpsb753c8f9.jpg  photo IMG_9963_zps8d7b0103.jpg  photo IMG_9970BW_zps4878a1ab.jpg  photo IMG_9982BW_zpsdce5ba28.jpg  photo IMG_9984_zpsa97023af.jpg  photo IMG_0001_zps7263cc7c.jpg  photo IMG_0023_zps04f53f38.jpg  photo IMG_0030_zps7047f88b.jpg  photo IMG_0078_zps2fea648e.jpg 
Grandma is so graciously spending some time with the family as they adjust to being a family of four so we got a couple photos of her with her boys too ;) 
 photo IMG_0094_zpsc4e0127a.jpg  photo IMG_0098_zps247a92f5.jpg  photo IMG_0135_zpsd48c830b.jpg  photo IMG_0152BW_zps92617529.jpg  photo IMG_0162BW_zpse5840d8a.jpg  photo IMG_0164_zpsec7d862b.jpg  photo IMG_0168BW_zps9aeb45e8.jpg  photo IMG_0173_zps57187577.jpg  photo IMG_0206_zps4117169b.jpg  photo IMG_0249_zps80404111.jpg  photo IMG_0258_zpse57288fe.jpg  photo IMG_0267_zpsf8a28207.jpg  photo IMG_0282_zps0db1ca27.jpg  photo IMG_0286BW_zps3c6211fa.jpg  photo IMG_0291_zps22ac11aa.jpg  photo IMG_0304_zps2ba4ae01.jpg  photo IMG_0325_zps894c6ca8.jpg  photo IMG_0351_zps9ae6abe9.jpg  photo IMG_0356_zps075d3ef6.jpg

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