Saturday, September 21, 2013

Penelope {20 Months}, Phoebe {4} and Family

I just love this family...we spend a lot of time playing while our husbands are working and we always have a great time together.  So we had debated rescheduling this shoot because our original idea for a location didn't work out and Penelope has a cold which seemed to be making her a bit miserable.  They decided to just do it and see how it went and Penelope was definitely miserable.  BUT she cheered up off and on, enough to get some awesome shots - but I was exhausted by the end, haha.  So glad it worked out!

 photo IMG_1056_zps6afd1d18.jpg  photo IMG_1088_zps0b0e802c.jpg  photo IMG_1115_zpseebdd6bf.jpg  photo IMG_1124_zpsf56f2a20.jpg  photo IMG_1146BW_zps3605daf7.jpg  photo IMG_1159_zps7cacbf41.jpg  photo IMG_1166_zps3bf26de0.jpg  photo IMG_1202_zpse2bb99e4.jpg  photo IMG_1217_zps39b39c0c.jpg  photo IMG_1220_zps21f05ed9.jpg  photo IMG_1269_zps006e179a.jpg  photo IMG_1279BW_zps5929d160.jpg  photo IMG_1295_zpsf1de3160.jpg  photo IMG_1317_zpsb05ea1f1.jpg  photo IMG_1341_zpsd9278705.jpg  photo IMG_1345_zpsf5cfe43f.jpg
 photo IMG_1352_zps0e5c31f2.jpg  photo IMG_1362BW_zps2ca65f75.jpg  photo IMG_1363_zps98a3d4fc.jpg  photo IMG_1405_zps8f5a5c68.jpg  photo IMG_1419_zpse9e36706.jpg  photo IMG_1432_zpscd863952.jpg  photo IMG_1439_zpse381c3a4.jpg  photo IMG_1457_zps86c910aa.jpg  photo IMG_1480_zps6a8138ef.jpg  photo IMG_1488_zpscc5e986b.jpg 
This mommy takes great pics of her kids so another goal was to capture some shots of her with her girls. 
 photo IMG_1510BW_zps83717938.jpg  photo IMG_1519BW_zps53e5a1dc.jpg

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