Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cece {9 Months} and Family

I have really enjoyed getting to know this mother and baby over the last year (our husbands work a lot so we hang out sometimes in the mornings).  Cece and my son, Cael, are only a month apart and it has been fun discussing the things they are both going through around the same time.  As you will notice, Cece has the most amazing eyes, which is a photographer's dream to shoot.  Cece did awesome during this session, even though she decided to skip her afternoon nap that day.  Looking forward to many more mornings of playdates with you guys!

 photo IMG_1553_zps25e0c61c.jpg  photo IMG_1600_zpsb4305542.jpg  photo IMG_1605_zps9524d694.jpg  photo IMG_1633_zpscaaa53f8.jpg  photo IMG_1638_zpsba233566.jpg  photo IMG_1659_zpseb4edf8e.jpg  photo IMG_1661_zps822940ce.jpg  photo IMG_1691_zpsa83132f2.jpg  photo IMG_1695_zps4c898ca7.jpg  photo IMG_1707_zps54fb0189.jpg  photo IMG_1720_zps137f539a.jpg  photo IMG_1747_zpsf104638d.jpg  photo IMG_1769_zps6c825718.jpg  photo IMG_1789_zps9defc47d.jpg  photo IMG_1806_zpsa41cff05.jpg  photo IMG_1816_zpsaa6da540.jpg  photo IMG_1859_zpsd007213c.jpg  photo IMG_1862BW_zps60f3300c.jpg  photo IMG_1895_zps049c875e.jpg  photo IMG_1913_zpsda5ee0ca.jpg  photo IMG_1916_zps8efe1fef.jpg  photo IMG_1931_zps9ef35674.jpg  photo IMG_1966_zpsd62307d4.jpg  photo IMG_1974_zps564166aa.jpg  photo IMG_2005_zpsa193c237.jpg  photo IMG_2017_zps38ae09d7.jpg  photo IMG_2020_zpsa9a8139f.jpg  photo IMG_2030BW_zps216861d6.jpg

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