Thursday, September 26, 2013

Elsie {20 Months}, Myla {3 1/2} and Family

I have photographed this family from the very beginning - this being the fourth fall in a row! They were my guinea pigs.  They had only one sweet girl, Myla, who was only 10 months old.  Now they have two sweet girls...and now this may be the last time I do a session for them because we both move away to different states come June :(  I LOVE this family...yet another family me and the boys have playdates with while our husbands work way too many hours.  I am trying to convince them to follow us to North Dakota, but I have a feeling they will find something closer to their home instead.  Thank you for all of the laughs and I will savor the rest of our time together as you are a family I will miss so very much!

 photo IMG_2070_zpsba7347d8.jpg  photo IMG_2076_zpsedcee7f2.jpg  photo IMG_2086_zps65f4639a.jpg  photo IMG_2089_zpsef4eec10.jpg  photo IMG_2095_zps44b8d3d4.jpg  photo IMG_2103_zps6ee3a2dd.jpg  photo IMG_2134_zps02a336c5.jpg  photo IMG_2149_zps670588ff.jpg  photo IMG_2153_zpsf00e51ea.jpg  photo IMG_2159_zps790e285b.jpg  photo IMG_2172_zps2842cb77.jpg  photo IMG_2196_zps954fd733.jpg  photo IMG_2219_zps35ee42f5.jpg  photo IMG_2233_zpsaa11891a.jpg  photo IMG_2263_zps2aa5b304.jpg  photo IMG_2284_zps36139a52.jpg  photo IMG_2294_zps05578de3.jpg  photo IMG_2310_zpsa1353294.jpg  photo IMG_2315_zpsd51c6071.jpg  photo IMG_2336_zps9f53c32d.jpg  photo IMG_2360_zps390c5e53.jpg  photo IMG_2365BW_zps2abaf012.jpg  photo IMG_2387_zps022b21f8.jpg  photo IMG_2389_zps0e8d5965.jpg  photo IMG_2404BW_zps739ed22d.jpg  photo IMG_2416_zps520c3cb3.jpg  photo IMG_2433_zps972718f7.jpg  photo IMG_2434_zpse4726acd.jpg  photo IMG_2439_zpsdeb97564.jpg

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