Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lukas {ONE!} - MINI Session

This adorable, smiley little boy turned one today!  He seriously smiled almost the entire time I was with him, except for when the cake was in front of him for his cake smash because he really didn't want much to do with it, haha.  I loved meeting this little guy and seeing his mommy again who was a friend of mine in college.  So. Much. Fun.  Congratulations to you guys for making it through your first year as parents and on having such a perfect little boy.

 photo IMG_1678_zpsbd3a5da0.jpg  photo IMG_1682_zps2f48beee.jpg  photo IMG_1693_zpsa6850fea.jpg  photo IMG_1697_zpsbc1c145a.jpg  photo IMG_1700_zps33d08b04.jpg  photo IMG_1745_zps1eb3f684.jpg  photo IMG_1761_zpsa705b8b3.jpg  photo IMG_1792_zpsf4424eae.jpg  photo IMG_1812_zpsf6b4a4c1.jpg  photo IMG_1832_zpsc1fc0320.jpg  photo IMG_1836_zps5925ce44.jpg  photo IMG_1846_zps8f8afbc8.jpg  photo IMG_1855_zps37a3fba1.jpg  photo IMG_1877_zps741e0ac5.jpg

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