Sunday, January 25, 2015

Molly {8 Days Old} and Family

Have I ever said how much I LOVE photographing newborns?!  Molly was no exception!  She is so adorably beautiful and her parents are so sweet, which is always an added bonus.  Molly didn't love being moved around and made me work for the shots, but it is always worth the time spent to get the shots we want.  Her mom and dad did not know if she was a girl or boy and were expecting a boy so they were pretty surprised to hear the news.  She is one lucky little one to have them as parents and I look forward to watching Molly grow up!

 photo IMG_2125_zpse83283a8.jpg  photo IMG_2144BW_zpsa75a9e87.jpg  photo IMG_2147_zps6be102e8.jpg  photo IMG_2161_zps8aa119de.jpg  photo IMG_2172_zps30914ed3.jpg  photo IMG_2175_zps35f0441a.jpg  photo IMG_2179_zpsc879f559.jpg  photo IMG_2188_zpsb9e46a0d.jpg  photo IMG_2190_zpsb23b2102.jpg  photo IMG_2208_zpsc8e98aa9.jpg  photo IMG_2211_zps179f8a7f.jpg  photo IMG_2225_zps062b327c.jpg  photo IMG_2229BW_zps5169961f.jpg  photo IMG_2234_zpse0e53840.jpg  photo IMG_2241_zpsf885e496.jpg  photo IMG_2255_zps77b953a0.jpg  photo IMG_2269_zpsb4de5524.jpg  photo IMG_2275_zps596b8f6b.jpg  photo IMG_2325_zps10525904.jpg  photo IMG_2332BW_zps31b5beef.jpg  photo IMG_2353_zps767bae4f.jpg  photo IMG_2355BW_zpsd67bce55.jpg  photo IMG_2364_zpse584f2e2.jpg  photo IMG_2376_zps65865313.jpg  photo IMG_2380_zps2ac810cc.jpg  photo IMG_2385_zps66235098.jpg  photo IMG_2396BW_zps3e70ffc7.jpg  photo IMG_2403_zps5a863355.jpg  photo IMG_2406_zpsa66d0a12.jpg  photo IMG_2412BW_zps69ad538f.jpg  photo IMG_2416_zps8d59b736.jpg  photo IMG_2431BW_zps5e5f416d.jpg  photo IMG_2442_zps152e5ab0.jpg


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