Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Kennedy {2}

This incredibly adorable little girl just turned two!  She happens to have the same birthday (actual day of birth) as our youngest, Cael, and also happens to be my husband's cousin's daughter.  She was a serious little one at her session, but with the help of "Let it Go", raisins, and fruit snacks, her personality popped out in amazing ways.  It was awesome getting to know this girl a little better and so happy we are in the same town now so we can see them more often.  Happy Birthday, Kennedy!!!

 photo IMG_2906_zps55e829f4.jpg  photo IMG_2922_zpsc4f0a1c1.jpg  photo IMG_2944_zps327cbb83.jpg  photo IMG_2949_zps24cce13a.jpg  photo IMG_2992_zps86963fac.jpg  photo IMG_2994_zpse96e0611.jpg  photo IMG_3004_zps0a49a0d4.jpg  photo IMG_3018_zps5f2e3bf0.jpg  photo IMG_3080BW_zps06aa008c.jpg  photo IMG_3112_zps9d76ded4.jpg  photo IMG_3115_zpsa33e5fa2.jpg  photo IMG_3149BW_zpsa4855aa6.jpg  photo IMG_3161_zps2ff61856.jpg  photo IMG_3180_zps714db45b.jpg  photo IMG_3194_zps30387742.jpg  photo IMG_3220_zps29d6b946.jpg

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