Thursday, March 5, 2015

Olivia {16 Days Old}

Oh Olivia...what a beauty!  Have I ever mentioned how much I love doing newborn photos?! I was unable to do her shoot until she was 16 days old due to an out of state vacation, but she did awesome even though she was a tad older than I would prefer.  She and her parents were so great to hang out with last Saturday morning and I am so happy for them as they venture into the wild, but amazing, ride of parenthood.   Olivia brought along her big sister, Maggie (the puppy) so we could get some family photos with her in them too.  Thank you for hiring me to capture such an important time in your lives and for letting me snuggle your perfect little girl.  Congratulations again!!

 photo IMG_3229BW_zps3otprkg9.jpg  photo IMG_3235_zpstxgtplas.jpg  photo IMG_3245_zpsxqn8opvd.jpg  photo IMG_3267_zpshmzyksvc.jpg  photo IMG_3274BW_zpsj7gt8poz.jpg  photo IMG_3290_zpsj4z5sb3z.jpg  photo IMG_3316_zps1amcb9mi.jpg  photo IMG_3328_zpsejs7dbif.jpg  photo IMG_3337_zpsxhleee0y.jpg  photo IMG_3376BW_zpsxvlpnxu9.jpg  photo IMG_3383_zpsp9toe7cp.jpg  photo IMG_3390_zpsl7vtn42t.jpg  photo IMG_3397BW_zps6ogtliwf.jpg  photo IMG_3406_zps2gty3nrw.jpg  photo IMG_3446_zpsf17xv2wt.jpg  photo IMG_3471_zpsa9tgudb7.jpg  photo IMG_3477_zpssxtnxwto.jpg  photo IMG_3507_zpsouc31n9r.jpg  photo IMG_3522_zpsqvyds3yp.jpg  photo IMG_3529BW_zps1mqdwnkt.jpg  photo IMG_3547_zpsezgs4mg8.jpg  photo IMG_3559BW_zpsbaav2slg.jpg  photo IMG_3579_zps0sfyakb1.jpg  photo IMG_3589BW_zpsykolcx3t.jpg  photo IMG_3599_zpsubf6xjc2.jpg  photo IMG_3605BW_zpskptl9cl5.jpg  photo IMG_3611BW_zpsiqj8o66p.jpg  photo IMG_3640BW_zpskjqumfod.jpg  photo IMG_3648BW_zps2pi06plt.jpg  photo IMG_3667_zpsgvq4ecgz.jpg  photo IMG_3679_zpsqsvbzr0e.jpg  photo IMG_3696_zpsmwkjylbj.jpg  photo IMG_3737BW_zpscks64yjv.jpg  photo IMG_3764_zpsq96iwckk.jpg

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