Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Holt {5 Months} and Family

Oh adorable little Holt - the son of one of my best friends from high school!  I FINALLY got to meet the little guy!!!  They live a few hours away from us and I was going to do his newborn photo shoot but I couldn't kick a nasty cold at the time and he was born 2 months early so his immune system needed to be extra protected making it so I couldn't be around him - so sad!  Anyway, he's just the cutest little thing and I am SO excited for these parents as they now are able to experience parenthood.  Love you guys and congratulations again!!!!

 photo IMG_3769_zpsyxsutduw.jpg  photo IMG_3773BW_zpswlzlwvzz.jpg  photo IMG_3780BW_zpsgq7mdfom.jpg  photo IMG_3784_zpsyp1sqdx0.jpg  photo IMG_3794_zpscfvbtc2o.jpg  photo IMG_3822_zpskf1n9xde.jpg  photo IMG_3830_zpsreqm2ndw.jpg  photo IMG_3845_zpszpgieyy7.jpg  photo IMG_3854_zpsjg0vhzw6.jpg  photo IMG_3860_zpsmlmbffvw.jpg  photo IMG_3864_zpsq0yt3tmw.jpg  photo IMG_3925_zps7u8por82.jpg  photo IMG_3934BW_zpsvaomllx6.jpg  photo IMG_3940_zpss5rstthn.jpg  photo IMG_3968_zps4wohfmhg.jpg  photo IMG_3979_zpslzlxlxbw.jpg  photo IMG_3987_zpsb2quh2i4.jpg  photo IMG_4009BW_zpsikcnfwwa.jpg  photo IMG_4013_zpspbioeto2.jpg  photo IMG_4020_zpsxxlyyv8q.jpg  photo IMG_4026_zpsbc0gsg5k.jpg  photo IMG_4034-FB_zps6ll5gyyp.jpg  photo IMG_4044_zps2emhywzx.jpg  photo IMG_4050_zps7bp1jio1.jpg  photo IMG_4064_zps7p9mif6s.jpg  photo IMG_4086BW_zpsyptyuojt.jpg

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