Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bode {4!!!}

Oh this kid (our middle son)...sweetest, silliest, most loving child in the world - and very hard to photograph these days! You will notice MANY cheesy, bug-eyed smiles but I also consider this shoot a win for me as I did end up getting plenty of great shots of his genuine personality and cuteness (despite his best efforts to prevent that, haha). I cannot believe this past Sunday was 75 degrees and we were able to go outside for these. Love this kid SO much! (oh and for those who know photography, I finally got to practice outside with my new Canon 135mm f/2 and I am in love with the bokeh!!)

 photo IMG_4273_zpsav5sbcrq.jpg 
Above is the one studio shot I have edited as he didn't give me much to work with that day either!  This was taken on his birthday before a very exciting day of activities so a photo shoot was the last thing he wanted to do!
 photo IMG_4344_zps1qbcfulj.jpg  photo IMG_4348_zpsgen8ixiq.jpg  photo IMG_4352_zpsw2jlilqq.jpg  photo IMG_4361_zps9kloq943.jpg  photo IMG_4375_zps5typkq7j.jpg  photo IMG_4391_zpsytpy7zx5.jpg  photo IMG_4393_zpsptt61bw9.jpg  photo IMG_4401_zpszkzc12e6.jpg  photo IMG_4408_zpshfgw2sml.jpg  photo IMG_4428_zpsmmcytyo8.jpg  photo IMG_4431BW_zpsorhof751.jpg  photo IMG_4436_zpsmjefw1xp.jpg  photo IMG_4445_zpsqbzhvphr.jpg  photo IMG_4450_zpswlqp4nqi.jpg  photo IMG_4454BW_zpsautgopml.jpg  photo IMG_4456_zpshdqiiejo.jpg  photo IMG_4461_zpswy7ky2db.jpg  photo IMG_4463_zpsrvwonzlf.jpg  photo IMG_4468_zpsdwkh6v10.jpg  photo IMG_4470_zpstyjxiik6.jpg  photo IMG_4478_zpsdr9zecki.jpg  photo IMG_4485_zpsupvdt6qy.jpg  photo IMG_4492_zps2quzkni9.jpg  photo IMG_4495_zpstsixtmph.jpg  photo IMG_4508BW_zpsxg4xlcho.jpg  photo IMG_4517_zpsc7bf55xr.jpg  photo IMG_4522_zpsibnmda7g.jpg  photo IMG_4531_zpsrntkxxq4.jpg  photo IMG_4539_zpspikwiv09.jpg  photo IMG_4556_zpspxnn5i6o.jpg  photo IMG_4573_zpsehdirtth.jpg  photo IMG_4614_zpsmi7seaqt.jpg  photo IMG_4618_zpsmpdwv0sp.jpg  photo IMG_4621_zps6vs0sz0v.jpg  photo IMG_4633_zpsulkcdqgv.jpg  photo IMG_4636_zpsdlgv2e2s.jpg  photo IMG_4665_zpscgzgyv4n.jpg  photo IMG_4674_zpsylopqp8m.jpg  photo IMG_4679BW_zpsghcgi1gn.jpg

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