Thursday, October 10, 2013

Reena {12 Days Old}, Maya {2} and Family

I met this family a few months ago for the first time when I did some family photos of them and I instantly really liked them.  They are so adorable and baby Reena is no exception.  Maya did an amazing job posing with her new baby sister and Reena seemed to enjoy her first photo shoot.  I look forward to watching Reena grow during the rest of my time in Ann Arbor!

 photo IMG_5750_zps86c034ba.jpg  photo IMG_5767_zps18c476b7.jpg  photo IMG_5777BW_zps476a2240.jpg  photo IMG_5784_zps5bf402ba.jpg  photo IMG_5814_zpse462822e.jpg  photo IMG_5820_zps02fbacd2.jpg  photo IMG_5844BW_zps7fab5c26.jpg  photo IMG_5847_zpsee674523.jpg  photo IMG_5861_zpsbe6ee4b8.jpg  photo IMG_5872_zps8a49a5ce.jpg  photo IMG_5883_zpse435cb23.jpg  photo IMG_5887BW_zps736b170b.jpg  photo IMG_5896_zps8e7def2a.jpg  photo IMG_5899_zps20eea580.jpg  photo IMG_5910_zps9e6b39f6.jpg  photo IMG_5919_zps08447bf0.jpg  photo IMG_5922BW_zps2290bb7d.jpg  photo IMG_5959_zpsa42ea073.jpg  photo IMG_5972_zps1ee6e7bf.jpg  photo IMG_5990_zps5d6ec1f9.jpg  photo IMG_6005_zps5a0e0fcd.jpg  photo IMG_6010_zpsb3265227.jpg  photo IMG_6024_zps29dd5781.jpg  photo IMG_6051_zpsc9e3290e.jpg  photo IMG_6070_zpsc5dde5ae.jpg  photo IMG_6088_zpsa2895b27.jpg  photo IMG_6097_zps99d3621b.jpg  photo IMG_6126_zpsf47da2cd.jpg  photo IMG_6128_zpse85f61a6.jpg  photo IMG_6153BW_zpsd39d65af.jpg  photo IMG_6158_zpsc01d9c59.jpg

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