Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Henry {12 Months}, Isaac {3}, Gavan {5}, Lillian {5}, and Jacob {5} and Family

LOVE big families - and this one is just so adorable.  As you can see in the title, they have triplet 5 year olds and then two younger boys.  They really were a blast to shoot and did so well considering their ages and activity levels.  I really can't believe I got so many shots of all 5 children looking at me and I didn't even swap any heads (I rarely do, but with this many people it is often essential)!  Anyway, the energy of large families is a little overwhelming, but for some reason it also makes me want a large family too - because they are so FUN. Oh and at the end you will notice they are moving to a new state so they wanted to do a few photos representing their move!

 photo IMG_6183_zps675bc646.jpg  photo IMG_6224_zps1ecb93cb.jpg  photo IMG_6230_zps67bd23bf.jpg  photo IMG_6240_zps84d9de5c.jpg  photo IMG_6283BW_zps32f66f69.jpg  photo IMG_6336_zps5b8ebbe0.jpg  photo IMG_6349_zpsa1152af3.jpg  photo IMG_6382_zpsc60b0a7e.jpg  photo IMG_6399_zps1b6d853f.jpg  photo IMG_6429_zps8fc28fd3.jpg  photo IMG_6461_zps981ef469.jpg  photo IMG_6479_zps11939be6.jpg  photo IMG_6518_zpsa56b8369.jpg  photo IMG_6528_zps20eb230d.jpg  photo IMG_6537_zps58b00bf2.jpg  photo IMG_6588_zps6725ea3b.jpg  photo IMG_6610_zps604765d6.jpg  photo IMG_6625_zps6d9ac5cc.jpg  photo IMG_6637_zpsb0faf6a6.jpg  photo IMG_6659_zps548af8e3.jpg  photo IMG_6670_zps1df0e6c5.jpg  photo IMG_6693_zpsb855e51e.jpg  photo IMG_6715_zpsc676a70a.jpg  photo IMG_6769_zps4b3dee16.jpg

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