Thursday, October 24, 2013

Natalie {9 Days Old}, Jillian {3}, Kate {3} and Family

Love this family and so thrilled for them to have a new addition!  There is something so awesome about parents who start with twins (which is a lot of work, but a lot of fun) and then get to experience what raising one baby at a time feels like.  Natalie is as perfect as her big sisters.  She was breech, which they didn't know until she was delivered via c-section, so you will notice in some of the photos that she preferred to have her legs up to her chest - it was pretty cute.  Also, Natalie's daddy insisted we do a photo of her in his hockey helmet because they did the same for her older sisters when they were infants.  The only problem was that Natalie was full term and her sisters were early and quite a bit smaller.  So, I did my best!  I am so very happy for you guys and looking forward to watching her grow up during our time left in Ann Arbor!

 photo IMG_8473_zpscfd73456.jpg  photo IMG_8522BW_zpsedc1b77d.jpg  photo IMG_8547_zps43a10704.jpg  photo IMG_8642_zps8bd2f948.jpg  photo IMG_8646_zps813cbeaa.jpg  photo IMG_8659BW_zps5331e0b0.jpg  photo IMG_8666BW_zps13c1f048.jpg  photo IMG_8667_zps1b84aece.jpg  photo IMG_8687_zpsc7743745.jpg

 photo IMG_8692_zps7cc6d6be.jpg  photo IMG_8729_zps9b81e053.jpg  photo IMG_8734BW_zpscad23c37.jpg  photo IMG_8744BW_zpsc6780baa.jpg  photo IMG_8751_zps184f5979.jpg  photo IMG_8758_zps384ce8cc.jpg  photo IMG_8767_zpsa928ead6.jpg  photo IMG_8776_zps9410c0cd.jpg  photo IMG_8780_zpsf1cc86d9.jpg  photo IMG_8794_zps43d23375.jpg  photo IMG_8809_zpsd36f0758.jpg  photo IMG_8818_zpsb620404d.jpg  photo IMG_8823_zps85a88a69.jpg  photo IMG_8857_zps42a52e48.jpg  photo IMG_8866BW_zpsaa695378.jpg  photo IMG_8868_zpsee51712f.jpg  photo IMG_8872_zps269c5345.jpg  photo IMG_8893BW_zps20a31bac.jpg  photo IMG_8921_zps60b8aa66.jpg

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