Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Kizi {8 Year Old Basenji} and Family

I met this couple and their dog at the Arboretum on a perfect fall evening.  They have been married for almost a year and a half and adopted (actually rescued) little Kizi.  Kizi is an energetic dog and so sweet.  She loved exploring and let me chase her around with my camera a little bit.  It was great spending such a beautiful night in the Arb with you guys!

 photo IMG_6818_zps457ff82f.jpg  photo IMG_6825_zpsb9d07b77.jpg  photo IMG_6836_zpsfc0279d5.jpg  photo IMG_6846_zps2827ded4.jpg  photo IMG_6848_zps47f2777e.jpg  photo IMG_6874_zps6d9bf6a9.jpg  photo IMG_6878_zpsf82fcc19.jpg  photo IMG_6903_zps7358ab1a.jpg  photo IMG_6914_zps8e1c295c.jpg  photo IMG_6932_zpsf0bf43ea.jpg  photo IMG_6973_zps50d80c1d.jpg  photo IMG_6997_zpsbb185741.jpg  photo IMG_7005_zps6faf2d72.jpg  photo IMG_7018_zps1b202644.jpg  photo IMG_7038_zps3a949b3c.jpg  photo IMG_7040_zps11eebd1d.jpg  photo IMG_7044BW_zps737a9780.jpg  photo IMG_7046_zpsde7f4487.jpg  photo IMG_7059_zps00e80822.jpg  photo IMG_7090_zpsa73e2330.jpg  photo IMG_7114_zps2c8965f6.jpg  photo IMG_7158_zpsce2c86f5.jpg  photo IMG_7164BW_zps58ea0c8b.jpg  photo IMG_7182_zps226713b8.jpg  photo IMG_7241_zps2fb765bb.jpg  photo IMG_7253_zps824bf765.jpg  photo IMG_7265_zps6a1b27a6.jpg  photo IMG_7290_zps225f0708.jpg

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