Monday, October 21, 2013

Ian {ONE!} and Family - Plus Cake Smash

Ian is one now!  I started taking his photos when he was 6 months old and he has always been just the cutest little guy and just keeps getting cuter.  When the shoot started, the poor little guy seemed quite miserable as his parents thought he was likely teething.  After some medicine and time, he suddenly perked up and I got to see his adorable, giggly personality shine.  Right before the sunlight disappeared we did a simple cake smash on a high chair - the cake his mom made looked awesome!  Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

 photo IMG_7337_zps8806b030.jpg  photo IMG_7354_zps024db78f.jpg  photo IMG_7370_zpsa7e47fa2.jpg  photo IMG_7391_zps73dd9f7a.jpg  photo IMG_7394BW_zps93aafdf9.jpg  photo IMG_7415BW_zps810d32e2.jpg  photo IMG_7448_zpsb744cdbd.jpg  photo IMG_7466_zps635d68d0.jpg  photo IMG_7509BW_zps2897f8fb.jpg  photo IMG_7542_zps59e1c99c.jpg  photo IMG_7562_zps38c9f8b2.jpg  photo IMG_7580_zpsb5e5f6fe.jpg  photo IMG_7585_zps13e925f7.jpg  photo IMG_7589_zpsf9155395.jpg  photo IMG_7636_zpsd54cb5ab.jpg  photo IMG_7684BW_zpsda916049.jpg  photo IMG_7718_zps1a6acffc.jpg  photo IMG_7730_zpsde85f2a4.jpg  photo IMG_7775_zps72a48cdb.jpg  photo IMG_7794_zps08612cf9.jpg  photo IMG_7840BW_zps92cad6d9.jpg  photo IMG_7846_zps4607626f.jpg  photo IMG_7882_zps3de92e26.jpg  photo IMG_7913_zpsbe52b712.jpg  photo IMG_7940_zps47e198a9.jpg  photo IMG_7959_zps2dbc4e98.jpg  photo IMG_7968_zps155af8a8.jpg  photo IMG_7977_zpsc743df20.jpg  photo IMG_8005_zps8945202f.jpg  photo IMG_8032_zps4fe4eed1.jpg  photo IMG_8057_zps3d0f4756.jpg  photo IMG_8070_zps8a192c51.jpg

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