Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Jocelyn {2}, Mady {4} and Family

I just love doing photo shoots for this family.  They have been with me from the beginning of my business adventure and I have watched these two little girls grow.  This time they had some very exciting news of another baby joining their family and they chose to have me be a part of their boy/girl reveal!  So we started with a typical family session and ended with the big box which I stuffed with color appropriate balloons.  So yes, that meant that I knew what they were having before any of them did!  Scroll to the bottom of this post to see the big news!

 photo IMG_5107_zps745d5add.jpg  photo IMG_5129_zps5148d3e9.jpg  photo IMG_5159_zps9357339d.jpg  photo IMG_5176_zps1ede2fe6.jpg  photo IMG_5197_zps04c3dffc.jpg  photo IMG_5210_zps30291a38.jpg
 photo IMG_5236BW_zps7ab428f6.jpg  photo IMG_5258_zps35821ccb.jpg  photo IMG_5296_zpsb012d255.jpg  photo IMG_5305_zpsf092125f.jpg  photo IMG_5337BW_zpsca842150.jpg  photo IMG_5344_zpscdcb6a3e.jpg  photo IMG_5377_zpsc7321023.jpg  photo IMG_5391_zps204c0b40.jpg  photo IMG_5406BW_zps321e4d67.jpg  photo IMG_5411_zps29b6454d.jpg  photo IMG_5444_zps84896229.jpg  photo IMG_5484_zps31222c9e.jpg
 photo IMG_5517_zps4ec08dbc.jpg  photo IMG_5541_zps56eef9c7.jpg  photo IMG_5548_zpsd4cd3c6e.jpg  photo IMG_5562BW_zps9a6c4592.jpg  photo IMG_5568_zps3fbb49a3.jpg
 photo IMG_5587_zpsff7ca82d.jpg  photo IMG_5589_zps969c2219.jpg
 photo IMG_5610_zps87fbaffc.jpg  photo IMG_5627_zps33376871.jpg  photo IMG_5636_zps4cf5e646.jpg  photo IMG_5700_zps0d371e67.jpg  photo IMG_5709_zps596354c8.jpg  photo IMG_5723_zpsda102f98.jpg

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