Monday, November 4, 2013

Charlotte {6 Months} and Family

Oh Charlotte - it's been so fun watching you grow so far.  This little girl is so very cute and has an adorable personality.  It took her a while to warm up, but she did awesome and decided she liked to stick out her tongue a lot that night.  This family is beautiful inside and out and I just love seeing them.  We were quite a bit worried about the weather that day as it rained all morning, but cleared up in time for the session!  Can't wait until her 9 month session to see how much she has changed and to see you guys again!

 photo IMG_9490BW_zpsb3f63da7.jpg  photo IMG_9496_zpse716d9ab.jpg  photo IMG_9525BW_zpsb0b375fd.jpg  photo IMG_9530_zpsa62f3d12.jpg  photo IMG_9534_zpsfeaa6ed4.jpg  photo IMG_9560_zpsc5380b35.jpg  photo IMG_9580_zpseb3a6422.jpg  photo IMG_9587_zps77d0d049.jpg  photo IMG_9609_zps36fd97b1.jpg  photo IMG_9614_zpsf3139192.jpg  photo IMG_9651_zps747ed042.jpg  photo IMG_9666BW_zps6c2a2843.jpg  photo IMG_9671_zps2680f2b6.jpg  photo IMG_9692_zpsd6621367.jpg  photo IMG_9710BW_zps48ae7751.jpg  photo IMG_9795_zps062549cf.jpg  photo IMG_9796_zpsd9ea6d26.jpg  photo IMG_9820_zps68d9e18b.jpg  photo IMG_9848_zps6e868712.jpg  photo IMG_9857_zps642667c0.jpg  photo IMG_9876_zps567d65e2.jpg  photo IMG_9902_zpsb84c5450.jpg  photo IMG_9906_zps4dd12158.jpg  photo IMG_9916BW_zps7a71ba8a.jpg  photo IMG_9924_zps96ed5c24.jpg

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