Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Zoyi {18 Months}, Aydin {4} and Family

I have done many shoots for this family over the past couple of years and it has been so fun watching these two kiddos grow.  This was, for sure, the toughest shoot out of the bunch but that was expected because of Zoyi's age and Aydin is such an active boy (very similar to my oldest boy!).  We did have a great time and I got a glimpse of each of their awesome personalities.  It was awesome seeing you guys again!!

 photo IMG_1059_zpsab609d55.jpg  photo IMG_1068_zpsd6a9d3ed.jpg  photo IMG_1087_zpse54ce252.jpg  photo IMG_1094_zpsa060d2bd.jpg  photo IMG_1104_zpsf3d6ccf8.jpg  photo IMG_1132_zps687a7cc4.jpg  photo IMG_1163_zps72989291.jpg  photo IMG_1220BW_zps22dd5246.jpg  photo IMG_1226_zps3ebd2fff.jpg  photo IMG_1236_zpsa542624c.jpg  photo IMG_1241_zps9fe5020f.jpg  photo IMG_1250BW_zps02ecc086.jpg  photo IMG_1262_zps5ee0c6f1.jpg  photo IMG_1300BW_zpsd57e4127.jpg  photo IMG_1303_zpsdb12ff76.jpg  photo IMG_1326_zps6efdf191.jpg  photo IMG_1337_zps20c8360e.jpg  photo IMG_1347_zps0a542310.jpg  photo IMG_1381_zpsb32a4cf6.jpg  photo IMG_1440_zps4ba0189d.jpg  photo IMG_1468_zpse5402540.jpg  photo IMG_1521_zps6ea69039.jpg  photo IMG_1542_zps9da71bea.jpg  photo IMG_1583_zpsb04ffc6d.jpg  photo IMG_1611_zpsf962a78d.jpg  photo IMG_1628_zps2e7ba2f2.jpg  photo IMG_1678_zps7d5db52c.jpg  photo IMG_1716_zps8013ae45.jpg  photo IMG_1728_zps619d9c8e.jpg

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