Thursday, October 30, 2014

Grace {Almost 1}, Ben {Almost 3}, Will {5} and Family

This completely adorable family is good friends of ours and actually moved back to ND at the same time as us!  We hang out with the mom and children during the day sometimes and our kids seem to get along great.  I have loved getting to know their children and looking forward to many more memories throughout the years.

We had this shoot on a very chilly evening so we worked fast!  North Dakota winters are starting to creep up on us and it's a little sad because they are brutal here - oh and that wind...I think that's the worst part!  So things will be calming down around here in a few weeks as it will start to be too cold to do outdoor shoots, but bring on the babies and newborns for indoor shoots!

 photo IMG_6040_zpsf3ceb057.jpg  photo IMG_6059_zps9f5ab70e.jpg  photo IMG_6109_zps27e39459.jpg  photo IMG_6116_zpsc1da276e.jpg  photo IMG_6137_zps4bdafc86.jpg  photo IMG_6169_zpsc43c8304.jpg  photo IMG_6182_zps8d2fddf6.jpg  photo IMG_6190_zpsdd0b73ac.jpg  photo IMG_6201_zpsf9cffc89.jpg  photo IMG_6208_zps8f1c212b.jpg  photo IMG_6237_zps595288be.jpg  photo IMG_6247_zpsfe56795c.jpg  photo IMG_6251_zpsaff8ddaa.jpg  photo IMG_6260_zpsd706a897.jpg  photo IMG_6274_zps00d802e8.jpg  photo IMG_6286_zps863d9351.jpg  photo IMG_6303_zps6e3a8ad5.jpg

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