Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ethan {1}, Emmie {3} and Family - MINI Session

This adorable family decided to do their session in my new little home studio because they were scheduled on a pretty windy and wet weekend.  Little Emmie is FULL of personality - hilarious and talkative and was a blast to get to know finally (I have been watching her grow via social media so I felt like I knew her already but I obviously did  not!).  Ethan was shy and unsure but started to open up a little at the end - and goodness he is just so cute.  Thanks for being my guinea pigs, being the first family session in the studio!  I still have some kinks to work out, but overall it went pretty well :)

 photo IMG_4339_zpsddce40c6.jpg  photo IMG_4341_zpsaeb0bbd4.jpg  photo IMG_4376_zps58c15569.jpg  photo IMG_4403_zps587ec94d.jpg  photo IMG_4415BW_zps29795074.jpg  photo IMG_4453_zpsdd2666c2.jpg  photo IMG_4473_zps83809c7d.jpg  photo IMG_4484_zps9fe302d7.jpg  photo IMG_4485BW_zpsbefbb77c.jpg  photo IMG_4492_zps4bdddf92.jpg  photo IMG_4520_zps6a408a11.jpg  photo IMG_4534BW_zps79fe9765.jpg  photo IMG_4543_zps97a59d7b.jpg  photo IMG_4557_zpsa83a09f1.jpg  photo IMG_4580_zpsab4b449e.jpg  photo IMG_4585_zps1e68d8eb.jpg  photo IMG_4595BW_zps7c760fe0.jpg  photo IMG_4603_zpsd02d6d35.jpg

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