Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hayley {12}, Emma {5}, Anna {2} and Family

This family was SO fun to photograph.  Sure, they were energetic and silly little girls, but I am used to that and I really enjoy seeing each child's personality shine at sessions.  We lucked out with a beautiful night and beautiful light (and beautiful family) and this ended up being one of my favorite sessions I have ever done.

I met the mother of this family while picking up my son from his first day of Kindergarten and we realized that we live only about a block from each other! I would love to get our children to know each other because I just know they would all get along great.  It was so awesome meeting all of you and I look forward to seeing you more in the neighborhood!

 photo IMG_5085_zps3579a6de.jpg  photo IMG_5100_zpsf25fcbcd.jpg  photo IMG_5111_zpse49e9eaa.jpg  photo IMG_5132_zpsfc0847c6.jpg

 photo IMG_5149_zps5fef80d4.jpg  photo IMG_5156_zps1c8f932d.jpg  photo IMG_5196_zpsdf4e8ef5.jpg  photo IMG_5203_zps213338d4.jpg  photo IMG_5209_zpsac4b419a.jpg  photo IMG_5232_zps1fe2ad00.jpg  photo IMG_5236BW_zps84dd9eda.jpg  photo IMG_5246_zps0a0b539b.jpg  photo IMG_5261_zpscdf945c2.jpg  photo IMG_5266_zpsf134e8a8.jpg  photo IMG_5270_zpsff63e059.jpg  photo IMG_5275BW_zps01aae7d8.jpg  photo IMG_5279_zps8eb7232b.jpg  photo IMG_5287_zps0afb7d0a.jpg  photo IMG_5291_zps0ad2a86f.jpg  photo IMG_5303_zpsb61ff130.jpg  photo IMG_5311_zpsc208fd88.jpg  photo IMG_5336_zps4a18f80a.jpg  photo IMG_5353_zpsbb53bb1c.jpg  photo IMG_5360_zps63c52e7d.jpg  photo IMG_5367_zpsb5a27934.jpg  photo IMG_5407_zpsd69c386f.jpg  photo IMG_5444_zps6fac997c.jpg  photo IMG_5467_zpscdeab83e.jpg  photo IMG_5493_zpsf33b52fc.jpg  photo IMG_5503BW_zpsfd43b432.jpg  photo IMG_5527_zpsaececee6.jpg  photo IMG_5531_zpse4e5e4c3.jpg

 photo IMG_5601_zpseebbbcab.jpg

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