Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hudson {1}, Landon {7} and Family

Hudson just turned one!  We got together to photograph the handsome little birthday boy as well as capture some family photos.  It was a very windy day so we started indoors and then went outside for a few shots once it calmed down a little bit.  Hudson was just a joy and his older brother, Landon was so fun to hang out with.  Landon is a chatty boy and is full of energy, questions, and personality.  This mommy and daddy are very lucky parents to be blessed with two wonderful little boys.  It was so awesome meeting you guys!!!

 photo IMG_4640_zps8ca4c22c.jpg  photo IMG_4650_zpsdbb3dd70.jpg  photo IMG_4659_zpsefa1e8ce.jpg  photo IMG_4673BW_zpsc755ba03.jpg  photo IMG_4684_zps7b7c27f1.jpg  photo IMG_4695_zps2b8ba6b9.jpg  photo IMG_4707_zps266f3ae9.jpg  photo IMG_4740_zpsa553b2b1.jpg  photo IMG_4750_zpsb7b1f91f.jpg  photo IMG_4762_zps330845f9.jpg  photo IMG_4776_zps6a23e950.jpg  photo IMG_4788BW_zps28e97280.jpg  photo IMG_4810_zps35558833.jpg  photo IMG_4824_zps675f742b.jpg  photo IMG_4832_zpsb8513524.jpg  photo IMG_4844_zpsb2c83b72.jpg  photo IMG_4860_zps8a7b05e0.jpg  photo IMG_4869_zpscbfe50e1.jpg  photo IMG_4894_zpse5ffb613.jpg  photo IMG_4918_zpse2386163.jpg  photo IMG_4923_zpsaafaa1fe.jpg  photo IMG_4945_zps81c67dcc.jpg

 photo IMG_5014_zps4b209ae8.jpg  photo IMG_5029_zpsb6c7c6ee.jpg  photo IMG_5047_zpsda96ab8a.jpg  photo IMG_5048_zps0af1bb07.jpg  photo IMG_5068_zps12de5a63.jpg

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