Friday, October 24, 2014

Avery {7} and Evan {3}

This family was one of my first clients was back when I started this photography journey and guess what - I get to continue taking their photos even after our move to North Dakota!  They also moved back to ND at the same time as us, and although they live in a city a few hours away, they still traveled to me to do photos this year.  Unfortunately the father was unable to come to photos this time so we just focused on the children (and I made the mother get in some shots at the end too).  It has been so fun watching both of these adorable kids grow up over the years and I am looking forward to continue seeing them.  :)

 photo IMG_5620_zps58c93895.jpg  photo IMG_5629_zps8b8ec48d.jpg  photo IMG_5647_zps357fdd12.jpg  photo IMG_5651_zps8f644528.jpg  photo IMG_5668_zps616ae688.jpg  photo IMG_5690_zps8087651d.jpg  photo IMG_5707_zpsdb3df2c8.jpg  photo IMG_5713_zps39d40c8b.jpg  photo IMG_5719_zpsc37f9426.jpg  photo IMG_5737_zps0d54a2b7.jpg  photo IMG_5741_zpsee24dbac.jpg  photo IMG_5746_zps1e37e039.jpg  photo IMG_5757_zpsce5fe508.jpg  photo IMG_5764BW_zpse548c451.jpg  photo IMG_5793_zpsc9c34908.jpg  photo IMG_5820_zps10a10f66.jpg  photo IMG_5834_zpsa79ec158.jpg  photo IMG_5846_zps61d315b1.jpg  photo IMG_5859_zps401bab62.jpg  photo IMG_5876_zps69fe794a.jpg  photo IMG_5892_zps83e761a6.jpg  photo IMG_5926_zps34758b99.jpg  photo IMG_5931_zps4bffbfb9.jpg  photo IMG_5937_zpsc92577aa.jpg  photo IMG_5943_zpsd31e0e1e.jpg  photo IMG_5947_zps36c479c5.jpg  photo IMG_5951_zpse1498783.jpg  photo IMG_5964_zps3e93496a.jpg  photo IMG_5990_zps633960e1.jpg  photo IMG_5998_zps563046a4.jpg  photo IMG_6017_zps6aaedbf2.jpg  photo IMG_6023BW_zpse555aa8c.jpg

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