Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Shea {4}, Cohen {1} and Family - MINI Session

This family is gorgeous, inside and out!  We were supposed to do this shoot this past Sunday but it was windy and gloomy.  After much debate, we decided to schedule for the next day instead and I am so very glad we did. We had a perfect, sunny evening (still pretty buggy, but slightly better than last week) and these kids just did awesome - and I can't get over how CUTE they are.  Cohen and our little Cael are actually 4 days apart and I have a feeling they would get along very very well.  Shea is just the sweetest little girl and was always ready to do whatever we asked.  I am very excited that we will be moving into this family's neighborhood this weekend so hoping to see a lot more of them!

 photo IMG_3537_zpsaacd7107.jpg  photo IMG_3554_zpsf32715e2.jpg  photo IMG_3572_zpsf9b13791.jpg  photo IMG_3585_zps26c2a4cb.jpg  photo IMG_3604_zps6d9e7a43.jpg  photo IMG_3626_zps9276c681.jpg  photo IMG_3639_zpsaab593ab.jpg  photo IMG_3666_zps27cbc688.jpg  photo IMG_3673_zps0e4403b8.jpg  photo IMG_3682_zps5a77760d.jpg  photo IMG_3687_zps9a0a0248.jpg  photo IMG_3704_zpsc99b3718.jpg  photo IMG_3725_zpsdbd25816.jpg  photo IMG_3751_zps0e6584df.jpg  photo IMG_3761_zps4ce39ba4.jpg

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