Sunday, September 28, 2014

Riyah {2}, Jordan {6}, and Family

This family is just so stinkin' cute and they are major troopers.  We survived getting swarmed by mosquitoes during this session - the worst I have ever ever seen them.  Given that, I am shocked how many awesome shots we got and how well the kids did.  2-year-olds are typically tough to photograph and when paired with having a daddy as a photographer (JMWright Photography), I was mentally preparing for a pretty tough shoot and these little ones proved me very wrong!  Despite the bugs, I had a great time getting to know you all a little better!!

 photo IMG_2967_zpsae55292f.jpg  photo IMG_2970_zpsae8e7bd9.jpg  photo IMG_3023_zpsbc5451d3.jpg  photo IMG_3024_zps0bb20e03.jpg  photo IMG_3040_zpsef046574.jpg  photo IMG_3073_zpsa4028716.jpg  photo IMG_3087_zpsbf10811b.jpg  photo IMG_3103_zpse580eb9c.jpg  photo IMG_3118_zps8f273701.jpg  photo IMG_3129_zps3f864f1a.jpg  photo IMG_3142_zps2cec5866.jpg  photo IMG_3175_zps4855afce.jpg  photo IMG_3177_zps3979faab.jpg  photo IMG_3193_zpsdd6b4c99.jpg  photo IMG_3198_zpsc914a5d2.jpg  photo IMG_3224_zps55190ee6.jpg  photo IMG_3229_zps6bb9ab75.jpg  photo IMG_3254_zps5fd93fe9.jpg  photo IMG_3258_zpsf2e47e58.jpg  photo IMG_3265_zpsab085f56.jpg  photo IMG_3306_zps48a6ecfa.jpg  photo IMG_3322_zpsca0b0dfb.jpg  photo IMG_3337_zps2b30feec.jpg  photo IMG_3349_zps061a9626.jpg  photo IMG_3385_zps33448af3.jpg  photo IMG_3397_zpsd330bb87.jpg  photo IMG_3423_zps3760d60c.jpg  photo IMG_3453_zpsc6f58fe3.jpg  photo IMG_3458_zpsbd9db1a3.jpg  photo IMG_3491_zps2c3e2c76.jpg  photo IMG_3496_zps9eb3c775.jpg  photo IMG_3517_zpsfe03edd8.jpg

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