Monday, September 22, 2014

Murray {4} and Family

It was so awesome to see this family again - it's my husband's cousin and his family - and since moving to Michigan, we just really haven't seen them much at all.  That is one of my favorite parts of being back - actually being able to see family and friends again.  This little guy, Murray, is just completely adorable.  I had so much fun getting to know him as well as catching up with his parents.  I better get these pics posted now because I know they are waiting for them!!!

 photo IMG_2488_zps5c929b80.jpg  photo IMG_2507_zps1d836f64.jpg
 photo IMG_2546_zps45d7b6a4.jpg  photo IMG_2548_zps9f0877a9.jpg
 photo IMG_2571_zpse983f87e.jpg  photo IMG_2579_zpse908e5f6.jpg  photo IMG_2581_zps0555e003.jpg  photo IMG_2588_zps08ce7b7e.jpg  photo IMG_2593_zpsfa462911.jpg  photo IMG_2614_zpsb1eb2544.jpg  photo IMG_2617_zps5f909748.jpg

 photo IMG_2634_zps97c6b0e9.jpg  photo IMG_2638_zpse8719a87.jpg  photo IMG_2656_zpsa06fc5f3.jpg  photo IMG_2660_zps7e9b1d2b.jpg  photo IMG_2669_zpsa1236399.jpg  photo IMG_2674_zps9a2062f8.jpg  photo IMG_2691_zps052ef4c7.jpg  photo IMG_2699_zps5af1dd60.jpg  photo IMG_2704_zps16db4f6b.jpg  photo IMG_2708_zpsdb47da80.jpg  photo IMG_2715_zpsf8f4ee6e.jpg  photo IMG_2729_zpsa23dd7e5.jpg  photo IMG_2733_zps8358d6a5.jpg  photo IMG_2747_zps8830696e.jpg  photo IMG_2755_zpsd8991964.jpg  photo IMG_2760_zpsca6f3a00.jpg  photo IMG_2772_zps5225ced5.jpg  photo IMG_2781_zpsb80d3832.jpg  photo IMG_2786_zps1519951d.jpg  photo IMG_2813_zps255294aa.jpg

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