Monday, September 8, 2014

Emily and Erik {Maternity}

This couple is very excitedly expecting their first baby - a little GIRL - due in November.  They are SO deserving of this lucky little baby and I could not be more excited for them.  I have known Emily for a little while now and have loved the time we have spent together because, simply put, she is awesome.  I had very briefly met Erik once before but never had a chance to actually talk to him - he is full of personality and his excitement for this baby is huge.  He was determined to do some silly shots along with the serious ones. This shoot was so fun and they are just so so cute.  I cannot wait to meet your little baby, Emily and Erik.

 photo IMG_1571_zps8ae3df0a.jpg  photo IMG_1579_zps679fcf18.jpg  photo IMG_1583_zps23c87dec.jpg  photo IMG_1593_zps8a2f9d21.jpg  photo IMG_1597_zps0d938180.jpg  photo IMG_1603_zpsad98fa10.jpg  photo IMG_1609_zps30b49743.jpg  photo IMG_1618_zps246a399a.jpg  photo IMG_1627_zps52c5abf8.jpg  photo IMG_1637_zps2f941d32.jpg  photo IMG_1679_zps5d450f4f.jpg  photo IMG_1703_zpsfa4431b1.jpg  photo IMG_1721_zpsc225371f.jpg  photo IMG_1725_zps944c4040.jpg  photo IMG_1736_zps80abc9ca.jpg  photo IMG_1750_zps087c7fc0.jpg  photo IMG_1756copy_zpsf5f613f9.jpg  photo IMG_1767_zpse55a440a.jpg  photo IMG_1779_zpsf9090208.jpg  photo IMG_1795_zps4539ede1.jpg  photo IMG_1814_zps9d4f2a79.jpg

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