Monday, September 15, 2014

Greyson {3 Months}, Kambrie {Almost 3} and Family

I photographed little Kambrie when she was a baby and now that we have moved back to Fargo I got to photograph her and her baby brother!  We had a beautiful night with this adorable family.  Kambrie really loves her baby brother but wasn't too thrilled to pose next to him or hold him so the shots I got of them together were very exciting.  I love watching these two grow on Facebook and I get to see them in person sometimes because the mom of this family works with and is friends with my mom.  I had a lot of fun getting to know your beautiful babies a little more and hope to see you guys again soon!

 photo IMG_1821_zpsd930a669.jpg  photo IMG_1835_zpsa133d482.jpg  photo IMG_1841_zps394a6a3b.jpg  photo IMG_1861_zpseb639ba6.jpg  photo IMG_1878_zpse5c4fedf.jpg  photo IMG_1889_zps2289e051.jpg  photo IMG_1905_zpsbb4eb45f.jpg  photo IMG_1910_zpse711bbed.jpg  photo IMG_1918_zps008b6a4a.jpg  photo IMG_1916_zpsbe5d2e46.jpg  photo IMG_1929_zpsd8890423.jpg  photo IMG_1939_zps0af2701e.jpg  photo IMG_1960_zps282e5846.jpg  photo IMG_1984_zps9e15d738.jpg  photo IMG_2022_zps03ac2edb.jpg  photo IMG_2037_zpsf97e356a.jpg  photo IMG_2072_zps9c687835.jpg  photo IMG_2074_zps704985bc.jpg  photo IMG_2154_zps5cbb7a5e.jpg  photo IMG_2169_zps428e6f46.jpg  photo IMG_2225_zps9184d2b4.jpg  photo IMG_2265_zpsaf54c011.jpg  photo IMG_2301_zps2654d104.jpg  photo IMG_2320_zps7978769c.jpg  photo IMG_2331_zps8c705355.jpg  photo IMG_2337_zpsb4ea93f1.jpg  photo IMG_2355_zps81951463.jpg  photo IMG_2371_zpsfed77795.jpg  photo IMG_2381_zps513888c1.jpg  photo IMG_2390_zps8802b44b.jpg  photo IMG_2405_zps2f1823df.jpg  photo IMG_2429_zpscf1000d4.jpg  photo IMG_2463_zpsc09fdd91.jpg  photo IMG_2468_zps419de5ca.jpg  photo IMG_2476_zps2e4ba9f4.jpg  photo IMG_2481_zps4c668a00.jpg

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