Monday, September 8, 2014

Sloane {1 Year}, Caleb {2} and Family

This family is gorgeous, adorable and awesome.  I went to college with the mom of the group and we lived together for a year when I was in grad school.  It has been so fun watching these little ones grow over Facebook and I loved meeting Sloane in person and seeing Caleb again - first time since his newborn shoot almost 3 years ago!  We met on, what turned out to be, a beautiful evening.  Sloane recently turned one which was the primary reason for the shoot, but we got some great family and sibling shots too.  So awesome seeing you guys again and hope to see you again soon!!!

 photo IMG_1105_zps7406aecb.jpg  photo IMG_1112_zpsf8ddb932.jpg  photo IMG_1115_zps505fc22a.jpg  photo IMG_1161_zpsa3b034e3.jpg  photo IMG_1210_zps55f07273.jpg  photo IMG_1213_zpsea0d672a.jpg  photo IMG_1246_zps4c13d2f6.jpg  photo IMG_1251_zpsee12a239.jpg  photo IMG_1258_zps8ac88b24.jpg  photo IMG_1273_zps26ef0a95.jpg  photo IMG_1174_zps5f101b8d.png  photo IMG_1291_zps22a37a90.jpg  photo IMG_1299_zps09462bcf.jpg  photo IMG_1304_zpsc21090a6.jpg  photo IMG_1312_zps1261e0c2.jpg  photo IMG_1324_zps73e96b17.jpg  photo IMG_1344_zpsbe172e2f.jpg  photo IMG_1351_zpsa1d7c5a8.jpg  photo IMG_1389_zpsd0ec2e20.jpg  photo IMG_1397_zps2f905502.jpg  photo IMG_1403_zps3d1da559.jpg  photo IMG_1427_zpse48d3216.jpg  photo IMG_1442_zps4438bb24.jpg  photo IMG_1465_zpsfb1b1c8a.jpg  photo IMG_1475_zpsfb6fe126.jpg  photo IMG_1497_zpsaef10a87.jpg  photo IMG_1507_zps1fc7d172.jpg  photo IMG_1518_zps724a5db9.jpg  photo IMG_1531_zps87f9ac64.jpg  photo IMG_1537_zpsfee2ac50.jpg  photo IMG_1548_zps574aded3.jpg  photo IMG_1555_zps08a72391.jpg  photo IMG_1563_zpse6b91e47.jpg

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