Friday, November 14, 2014

Elsa {18 Months} and Family - MINI Session

Oh sweet, adorable little Elsa...  We were originally supposed to meet on the most beautiful 70 degree fall evening but poor little Elsa came down with a stomach bug that lasted about a week.  We ended up meeting on a chilly evening instead and we had to move fast because she quickly didn't like the cold very much and wanted to be held.  We got some smiles out of her though!!  It was so fun to see this family - the mother and I go way back to high school but really got to know each other well in college.  We hadn't seen each other for many many years so I got to meet her daughter and husband for the first time.  Such a great family!!!

 photo IMG_9709_zps515c7cd6.jpg  photo IMG_9734_zps957c9b07.jpg  photo IMG_9746_zps580b5889.jpg  photo IMG_9763_zps2bce67c5.jpg  photo IMG_9773_zpscf241dd8.jpg  photo IMG_9774_zps3572d3a0.jpg

 photo IMG_9784_zpsc5bee7d4.jpg  photo IMG_9791_zps7bca5164.jpg  photo IMG_9824_zps57f8b7a7.jpg  photo IMG_9834_zps6271aec0.jpg  photo IMG_9837_zpsbe21a738.jpg  photo IMG_9845BW_zps5b3b37d9.jpg

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