Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Colin {2} and Family

So I met this family in a new moms group I have joined and the moment I saw Colin I just thought he was the cutest little boy.  He is always dressed like a little man and those glasses...just completely adorable. We got together for photos and I figured he would be tough because he just turned 2, which is a very active age.  I was right!  All he wanted to do was explore and play which is what we let him do, all while I captured him being Colin. I think it paid off in the end as I love how this session turned out.  It was so awesome hanging out with you guys and getting to know you a lot better.

 photo IMG_8862_zpse220577d.jpg  photo IMG_8925BW_zpsf81eaba5.jpg  photo IMG_8950_zpscaf3b7e3.jpg  photo IMG_8974BW_zpsa4fac868.jpg  photo IMG_8985_zpsafb93e49.jpg  photo IMG_8994BW_zps2ee06ed1.jpg  photo IMG_9018_zpsf0d852a6.jpg  photo IMG_9029_zpsaae027f2.jpg  photo IMG_9036_zps3d11c2aa.jpg  photo IMG_9048_zpsc10cb9be.jpg  photo IMG_9060_zps99985c37.jpg  photo IMG_9094_zpse99459e0.jpg  photo IMG_9110_zpsc9b8046b.jpg  photo IMG_9127BW_zps760f2964.jpg  photo IMG_9138_zps20811ec3.jpg  photo IMG_9141_zpsaa6e0e7b.jpg  photo IMG_9175_zps75d9675b.jpg  photo IMG_9190_zpsf67d0131.jpg  photo IMG_9206_zpsaf779ecb.jpg  photo IMG_9239_zpsa42ed729.jpg  photo IMG_9254_zps4ab7d676.jpg  photo IMG_9280_zps04aed766.jpg  photo IMG_9300_zps75a8c277.jpg  photo IMG_9344_zpsc2e6123d.jpg  photo IMG_9361_zps760dfe1e.jpg  photo IMG_9408_zpsa4023c8e.jpg  photo IMG_9438_zpsdcb1ee4d.jpg  photo IMG_9445_zpsfc38fd2b.jpg  photo IMG_9450_zps289590bc.jpg  photo IMG_9453_zpsd3b5c7f0.jpg  photo IMG_9454_zpsc7a15587.jpg  photo IMG_9456_zpse6eadf03.jpg  photo IMG_9461_zps4558d1f1.jpg  photo IMG_9463_zpsb5571db4.jpg

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