Friday, November 7, 2014

Quinn {3} and Family

Oh handsome little Quinn - full of energy and personality.  I really enjoyed getting to know this adorable family a little better that night, chasing Quinn around, and getting one last taste of fall - something that has suddenly disappeared here in Fargo.  He loved playing with the leaves and I loved capturing his joy.  I have several other photos (some of my favorites!) that I didn't post so this family's holiday photos aren't spoiled! It was so awesome seeing you guys!

 photo IMG_7537_zps52be7d48.jpg  photo IMG_7545_zpsde90dd0d.jpg  photo IMG_7559_zps08a1f34c.jpg
 photo IMG_7574_zps0365a8a9.jpg  photo IMG_7583_zpse2359b23.jpg  photo IMG_7605BW_zps037f8301.jpg  photo IMG_7635_zps9a8d53e1.jpg  photo IMG_7660_zpsa6448a6a.jpg  photo IMG_7663_zpse3c6b777.jpg

 photo IMG_7737_zps241a0d63.jpg

 photo IMG_7774_zpscd49afdf.jpg

 photo IMG_7795_zpsb04cb529.jpg

 photo IMG_7818_zpsed6b1380.jpg

 photo IMG_7822_zpsf24ccaa0.jpg  photo IMG_7829_zps15bbfa8d.jpg  photo IMG_7853BW_zps146ec462.jpg  photo IMG_7883_zpsbb9182c7.jpg  photo IMG_7911_zps75910148.jpg  photo IMG_7921_zps01934b0a.jpg

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