Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Kierstyn {2}, Addison {4) and Family - MINI Session

Oh these two little girls...they were a DREAM to photograph.  It was only a MINI Session and I so wish it had been a full because of how awesome they did!  The mom and I go way back to college days, working as servers at a restaurant together and it was so great to see her again and meet her family.  You guys sure are blessed with two wonderful, adorable little girls!

 photo IMG_7182_zps6e7cacac.jpg  photo IMG_7197_zps0bdb60b5.jpg  photo IMG_7216_zpse8b2b064.jpg  photo IMG_7268BW_zps42e02416.jpg  photo IMG_7278_zps6bc330c2.jpg  photo IMG_7297_zps699bd429.jpg  photo IMG_7301_zps44cade02.jpg  photo IMG_7304_zps71a4a1fc.jpg  photo IMG_7333_zps6d5e54ea.jpg  photo IMG_7388_zps6c989fc1.jpg  photo IMG_7399_zps1f932f32.jpg  photo IMG_7447_zps2c97bc61.jpg  photo IMG_7472_zpsf033805e.jpg  photo IMG_7489_zps59ad4570.jpg  photo IMG_7493_zps438840ae.jpg

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